Onsite HABC PTLLS Level 3 Training For Dewis CIL

Trainers genuinely interested in the topic they taught” “Professional interest taken in the learners succeeding in their Micro Teach” “I would certainly check with Petals first if I need any further training”

Wallich Centre Training, Cardiff

I recently attended a Petals course as I am a solicitor looking to set up my own business in the field of teaching health and safety and employment law.  I found the course extremely helpful in its content and structure and it has assisted me greatly. Furthermore I cannot thank Louise Adams enough. I found Louise to be very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject she was teaching and my appreciation for her insights and assistance cannot be described in words. Louise’s passion and excitement about tutoring has clearly rubbed off on me and I cannot wait to set upon my new career. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been taught by Louise and would highly recommend the course.

Neil Stokes- (Solicitor) 

This was the best training course I have ever attended. The venue; materials and facilitation was excellent. I thought I would struggle to understand some of the elements of this course but because of the way the information was presented I have understood and gained so much. The tutor Louise Adams is an inspiration and ensured information was learnt. I recommend this training (PTLLS) to anyone interested in progressing through their training profession.

Adrian Walker – Hertel Solutions 

Wallich Centre Training, Cardiff

I recently attended a training course facilitated by your company Petals. One of the requirements for my role is to be able to deliver quality training to support staff to achieve vocational qualifications. The course was well organised with high quality resources. The facilitator had a clear passion for the subject and the fact she was a lecturer added a depth of experience to the process. The facilitator consistently demonstrated the techniques we were being taught which helped to embed them into my understanding. The pre course questionnaire around learning styles meant that throughout the sessions the facilitator supported my learning needs, this made the sessions a really positive experience. The systems used for progress on the course were negotiated, such as times for submission of work and the facilitator again understood the pressures faced in my work role. Feedback during the sessions was helpful and constructive and feedback on written work was on time and again supportive of my development. I have now achieved my qualification and hope to continue to use your company to achieve additional qualifications. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting a positive learning experience with professional tutors who wishes to develop their own skills and knowledge to deliver high quality training.

Kathleen McMullen – Lead Internal Quality Assurer RCT Council