“Louise has been visiting our office as a therapist for many years to offer onsite therapies. During Covid she has been unable to attend but instead was able to offer our staff online training in Stress and Resilience techniques. She really has been a real asset to our company and kept our staff motivated and calm. Would highly recommend to others” 

“I first saw Louise as a patient at Bupa. As a manager for a large data centre I saw her potential to offer my staff onsite treatments for stress; pain management and relaxation. It’s the best thing I could have done for my staff. Not only has it increased morale ten-fold but has reduced absenteeism in staff who regularly visit Louise as part of the company occupational health referral system. An excellent service” 

“Louise is my go-to wellness coach whenever I hit a wall. She knows exactly what I need to get out of my head and start living with purpose again. The amount of positive changes I have made in my life I owe to your patience and expertise. Highly recommend you to all my clients” 

“I felt relaxed immediately in Louise’s company. She was so understanding and her methods are truly magical. Her therapeutic touch is strong and she can balance channels of pure energy to strengthen weak points. My session with Louise was beautifully healing and very welcoming”   

You have been and are to me, both a warm and positive influential presence in my development and I am glad to be in touch Louise:) 

“My very special life-coach and wellness advisor. Thank you is a very inadequate word for what you have done for me these past few months. I was in a dire state but I am feeling so much better. It is a time for reflection I think. You get very used to doing the same things in the same way and I have been feeling that the sum total of my life amounts to little. Poor old me. There has been a massive shift since our sessions. I knew I had to come to you, after my son had also had life-coaching with you. The work you do is literally life-changing. I can’t thank you enough”  

“I first started seeing Louise 2 years ago at my office. I saw her advert previously but always thought therapies were just for pampering. I only started therapies when my line manager who had seen Louise for a few months recommended I try them. I’ve never looked back!! Her knowledge is astounding and she always remembers my story. Her clinical experience of working with patients with chronic conditions is evident in her knowledge. I have suffered with chronic pain and anxiety for years, and suffered endless journeys back and forward to hospital only to be told there was nothing they could do for me.  Having initially started short treatments with Louise at the office, I became a private patient at her Bupa clinic. After a 4 month course of treatment combining both life-coaching and hands on therapy I am now a new man. I’ve started the gym and am no longer off sick from work. I still see Louise at the office for short treatments, and I would absolutely recommend her to any organisation who wishes to address absenteeism through illness. Many thanks”  

“We have hired Louise 3 times to treat Stress Management and Resilience techniques to our staff. The feedback has been incredible. All staff have commented individually about how the techniques are helping them with areas outside of work. Some have gone on to have more targeted therapies with Louise and are now back in work following long periods of absence. We can’t thank her enough”

“Louise’s years of being an NHS therapist show in her teaching and work. What a gem!! Where has she been”.  

 “All aspects of the stress management training were brilliant – This was superb!”  

“I have attended Stress management courses before but never have I left a course with techniques I can really practice. I have since booked one-to-one appointments with Louise. Her techniques and approach really are life-changing” 

“The course was very different to usual Stress Management courses. Gave an opportunity to explore other techniques and ideas. Invaluable course for staff”. 

“It was very person focussed and I feel so much better already” 

“I enjoyed the practical tips on relaxation. Really helpful!!” 

“Provided many tips and skills to utilise when having to identify and manage my stress. Invaluable course for everyone” 

“The techniques that can be applied to actual life to help deal with stress”. I have taught the techniques to my teenager”  

“I found the day to be friendly and interactive. I felt I was being taught one to one even though we were in a group” 

“Louise is a superb communicator and teacher. She delivers her session with years of knowledge and experience”.  

“Very relaxed after training” 

“I didn’t want this to end – Really practical course that was extremely enjoyable and helpful” 

 “This would be a great course to run on the first year of the social work practice course. I wish I had found Louise during my Social Work Training. Really helpful course full of tips that I can apply to everyday life that is very busy and stressful- Thank you”  

“I hope to contact Louise and hope to try the aroma inhaler for insomnia”. 

My husband met Louise earlier this year when she was teaching him in how to become an accredited trainer. She was offering stress management techniques to the learners and mentioned her other work in helping people banish their fears/phobias/panic attacks etc. Our daughter had been off sick with depression and panic attacks for over a year. She has seen every counsellor/psychologist that the NHS offered. We were looking for a private therapist and along came Louise. She did 2 sessions with my daughter a week apart. The difference in her was instant!!! Even during the therapy my daughter laughed for the first time in over a year. On the first night she slept without sleeping tablets. Following the 2nd treatment he original had been resolved. When Louise said her therapies were solution focussed we didn’t truly understand what that meant. After 2 sessions my daughter has now returned to full time employment, has met a new partner (some of her issues were relating to relationships) and has never been so positive. Thanks to Louise I have my daughter back.  

We met Louise last year on an RAF open day, where she had a wellness stand. We had heard from a colleague that she had worked with PTSD but didn’t advertise the fact during the day. She is the most modest therapist I have ever met (and I have met many during my time hiring therapists for our staff). As a man it is difficult to admit to stress let alone PTSD. I had 3 sessions with Louise over a 6-week period. She gets through so much in one session that by the end of the first session my sleep was returning to normal.  6 weeks later I have no flashbacks, my marriage is back on track and I can communicate so much better than I think I ever had. Thank you – Mr R –  

I met Louise last year during an open day for staff. She was politely chatting away to my colleagues. I didn’t approach her on the day as my PTSD affects my social interaction. My colleague had already had treatment with Louise and told everyone he know about it. I have not looked back!! This girl is simply a miracle worker! We even worked through childhood issues ( I had no idea were holding me back in life). If you suffer with any mental health condition go and see Louise. She really is incredible. Mr A 

I met Louise during her time teaching me to become a trainer/teacher. She taught us some stress management techniques for public speaking. Following this I saw Louise as a therapist. I have had phobias of public speaking all my life and other emotional issues. I am not confidently teaching with no fear of public speaking. Truly remarkable!! Wish I had found her earlier.  

I was referred to Louise via a friend who had visited Louise. I was going through a difficult time in my relationship and couldn’t get past my insecurities. I had a couple of sessions with Louise where we worked through previous trauma. After these issues were resolved I was able to move forward in life. All of my relationships have improved dramatically thanks to these sessions. Thank you Louise.  

I was referred to Louise following my chemo and radiotherapy. I knew she had worked as an NHS therapist so I trusted I was in the right place. So much more than this!! Louise has so much experience clinically but was able to treat me in a way that was non-clinical. The trauma of my cancer had left me with PTSD and OCD. I was so frightened of catching bugs that I could rarely leave my own house. I had developed so many fears that were now stopping me live my cancer free life to the fullest. 2 sessions with Louise and I was able to leave the house for the first time in months!! I have visited her since with fears of flying, and fear of lifts. She has banished those fears. Thank you Louise.  

We sent our daughter to Louise as she was experiencing panic attacks, OCD and suicidal thoughts. Thanks to Louise’s expertise and knowledge we have our daughter back. The difference is incredible. Thank you Louise.