Trainer Profiles

Louise - White Backgound

Louise Adams

An articulate and gregarious teacher who delivers her training with energy and humour. She provides a positive and motivated learning environment and delivers her training with an empathy achieved by being an “adult learner” in the lifelong learning sector. As a mature student she has studied continually for 12 years with an insatiable appetite for learning and personal development, and as a teacher often passes on her “thirst” for knowledge in her teaching style. Her formal qualifications are: Certificate of Education (Cert ed); BA Hons in Post compulsory education and training (PcET), and various diplomas and post graduate qualifications in a wide range of complementary therapies. Her on-going experience as a mature student provides her with an empathy of how it feels to be a “learner” in the lifelong learning sector. She also teaches therapies privately to employees wishing to learn how to “improve” their health and manage stress. (courses available on request). Her recent employment background also consists of running an established business; part time lecturer of therapies; managing director of a cancer charity and delivering seminars to NHS and private industry on the benefits of providing therapies to manage the effects of stress and chronic health conditions. As a petals trainer, the training method employed will not only concentrate on teaching the material needed to be an affective teacher in the lifelong learning sector, but also encourage and motivate her students to develop their strengths through a motivated and interactive learning environment.
Valerie - Dark Backgound
Valerie Markwick

An active, gregarious person who balances work demands with personal and social activities and has a genuine interest in other people with a marked need to get things moving. At the same time, she is perceptive in assessing people and their needs.  Showing innovation on a fairly pragmatic, down-to-earth plane with an open approach towards innovation proposed by others.

Has a strong interest in consulting with others, listening to opinions with an ability to achieve diplomatic influence. She is an amicable person and sustains durable client relationships being articulate and competent in interpersonal relationships with others.

A very experienced Trainer of many years with formal Training qualifications (National Diploma); Teaching qualification ( PGCE) and is a registered NLP Practitioner. Valerie has delivered training in the UK including Northern Ireland extensively and outside in Germany; Cyprus and Kazakhstan.

Original management background in Hospitality in the UK and Australia developing into the Training world and utilising that experience to train and coach others in Management skills; Training skills, Soft skills and Food Safety skills amongst others.

Developed as a Business Advisor( SFEDI) and Coach and Mentor to enable her to assist organisations in Strategic Organisation Development which includes Training Needs Analysis and Investors in People advisory.

Photograph Of Robert Davies

Robert DaviesA friendly teacher that specialises in making a connection to how both the delegate and how that person works with technology. This leads to the interjection not only of a plenty of humour into a training session but also material that is very relevant to the person being taught.This empathy for the person and their relationship with technology comes from 25 years of experience in the computer industry during which he has specialised on the interaction between people and software. This experienced has also resulted in the attainment of Microsoft Certifications in fields as diverse as technical database design and Microsoft Office.

You’ll find that as a trainer strengths include creating a friendly and interactive atmosphere, very high professional standards and highly prepared training sessions. The ethos that Robert takes into classes is that those attending the class must both learn and be entertained. Training is performance.

When not training Robert still works on technical project in areas such as website design, software design, and social media. The flexing of these skills are used to make sure he is always current with technical trends and practises – which are used in the courses he teaches.

This continual process of learning also means he pays great attention to those undertaking training, to ensure their needs are met and any questions are answered in a professional and carefully thought through manner. Support is always provided during and after a training session to ensure learning needs are fully met.

Robert always looks forwards to meeting new people and working with them.